We are based in Warwickshire, We cover Warwickshire, Cotswolds, West Midlands, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Derbyshire mainly but we have also provided flowers for London brides and also couples by the sea. So basically all of the UK.


Yes we do, 

£2500 for flowers 

£1000 for styling. 

If you want a mix and match of flowers and styling its £3000 minimum.

Our prices cover a whole range of costs! We are a business with overheads, and we also need to pay our salaries so that we can keep doing what we love. There’s so much more than just the cost of hiring an item or making a floral arrangement to consider. There are consumables such as fresh foliage and flowers, candles, tea lights and batteries for LED candles and fairy lights. Then there’s the time element for all the prep before the wedding, on the day styling and set up, collecting everything again afterwards, cleaning it all (cleaning wax from candlesticks and polishing them up again is a very time consuming job!). You’re also paying for our years of industry experience to bring everything together perfectly for you. An element of the costs also go to cover things like time spent doing consultations, site visits, showroom appointments, emails etc. We have overheads for our vehicles, premises, electricity, broadband and mobile phones. So all of these things are factored in to what we do in order to ensure that we can cover our costs and earn a living styling gorgeous weddings for you.


Yes we do, we state this very clearly on the quote, We do not conceal any costs. This covers the travel time and distance, Payment of extra staff specifically for your wedding, It also gives you peace of mind that you can enjoy your day and the day after without worrying about any of this. We also have very experienced staff who are able to problem solve and work well under time pressure.

We do have a beautiful showroom/studio you are more than welcome to visit. We work on an appointment basis so please don’t just turn up as we may not be in. We are always out and about setting up weddings. We are also able to do site and venue visits and come out to see you if you are unable to come to us.

Like everything in life there are a whole host of companies that offer similar products at different prices.

You can buy a packet of pasta in the supermarket for 50p or order a pasta dish at a nice restaurant from £15 upwards. At the end of the day you still have pasta but at very different prices and very different experiences.

We have over 15 years of experience and our quality speaks for itself. There are also companies that are more expensive than us. We never try to persaude anyone and feel we are very competitively priced against other florists at our standard. We never price match or lower our prices, we feel we are fair and you get a great standard and quality from us start to finish.

We ask you to fill in our contact form first. This way we can check availability for your wedding day or event. From this we can send out a questionnaire and this will help us get a feel for what you are after. You can then book an appointment on our booking page online. The bookings page can be found on the bottom footer on website or the top bar under contact. We tend to do a 30 minute zoom call first to get a good feel for what you are after then invite to our studio to discuss in further detail. This way we can get items ready for you to see from the zoom call knowing its exactly what you are after. If you haven’t decided a theme don’t worry. We have lots of inspiration at the studio.

This will vary from couple to couple. For just flowers our average spends are normally £3000 – £8000 For flowers and styling our average spends are normally £4000-£10000 we do have couples who spend £2500 and couples who spend £15000+ We just ask that you are open with us. If you have £2500 or £10000 to spend tell us and we will make suggestions for the best way to use your budget.


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