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As in Bridgeton when the two main characters Simon Bassett and Daphne Bridgerton were married in a simple, elegant yet understated ceremony, they still wanted to create that beautiful floral world in a much more subtle way.

On the Bridgerton inspired shoot we also wanted to recreate this feeling of opulent florals in an understated way. Not taking away from the main characters “in this case the Bride and Groom” but enhancing everything about them. 

I wanted to create a natural feeling of opulence with big florals that didn’t feel like they were taking over. This is where using gypsophila came in, lots of volume but very dainty and understated. We teamed this up with lots of soft earthy toned roses that really did bring the outside in.

Some stunning roses included quicksand which were used in all designs along with Bellini, Alchemy and Sweet Revival. All these roses have big blousy heads and bloom beautifully for the full look we wanted.

Using just a couple of other statement flowers including a few anthuriums, carnations and antirrhinum to add the finished WOW factor. I wanted the flowers to have a light and airy cloud feel and still seem transparent but lots of volume. Hardly any greenery was used in the designs as we didn’t want that heavy foliage look, it would detract from the lightness we wanted to achieve. Instead we used some contorted and twisted willow in all the designs to extenuate that earthy feel.

Even a theme to a wedding can be classy, Don’t get hooked on being literal. Just a nod to the theme gets people into the overall feel for the day.

If you want some more ideas with wedding flowers then please do get in touch, we love all styles of flowers and specialise in wedding designs.

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We are based in beautiful Warwickshire but cover weddings across the UK and even do destination weddings.


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