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A Styled Wedding.


So, we love flowers, obviously we are florists. When it comes to weddings it’s not just the flowers that make the day its all the details and finishing touches.


Along with the bride and her wedding party feeling amazing with hair, make up and dresses you want your guests to feel as amazing as this.

This is where the florals and décor come in. I think having a good stylist is key. Lots of florists have vases, arches etc but all the details for tables is needed.


So where do we start? Let’s start with welcoming the guests. The first impression they will get from arriving to venue and parking is the welcome. Having a gorgeous welcome sign dressed with drapes and candles or if you are more rustic, stacked crates. The options are endless. It really sets the tone and what’s to come for the guests.


Do you know lots of stylists also do stationery? I know some fabulous stylists who do all on the day stationery. From the welcome signs, seating plans, table numbers, place cards and menus. How fabulous is this? Having everything with one supplier.


So moving on from the welcome, guests are normally directed to the ceremony room. This can be the next wow moment for guests. Having a gorgeous backdrop and some florals there are so many back drop options and styling available. Dressing the chairs, even just the aisle chairs give a totally different perspective to the room. We also love a dressed aisle, cylinder vases filled with candles gives a romantic feel. Lanterns in different sizes also look great. Remember it’s the overall feel of the wedding. Having individual tissues in packets for tears of joy on every other chair is a nice touch or fans for guests to cool themselves of an outdoor, hot summer wedding.


Don’t forget loved ones who can’t be there. Having a special table or saving a chair where they would sit is such a lovely touch.


Next, it’s the drinks reception and photography. Having a styled confetti and gift table is perfect for people to drop cards and gifts so they don’t have to carry them around all day. Not only this, but signage also comes into play again. Having an order of the day so guests know exactly what is happening at what time. Everyone wants to know when they are going to eat!!

Bar signs for signature drinks is also a nice touch.


Moving on to the wedding breakfast. Guiding people into the wedding breakfast by having a beautifully styled seating plan so guests can find their seats. This can mirror the welcome sign with drapes and candles. Adding some flowers also finishes the look.


The next experience for guests is walking into the wedding breakfast room. This is another great time to wow with decorations. Table centrepieces of fresh florals with carefully styled props and candles look stunning for guests. Along with this, making each individual guest setting makes the guest feel special.

Charger plates with a personalised place cards and each chair dressed with a chiffon drop gives a high end styled look.

Continuing with the tables, having table numbers or table names in stationery to match the guest place cards brings the whole look together. Don’t forget menus, every guest always wants to know what they are eating. These can also match the stationery or included as individual menus with the guest name on. The options are endless.


The Cake, you want the cake to be a centrepiece all on its own but adding a runner and some candles to the table to match the design of the guest tables would bring everything together. Why not add the backdrop from the ceremony to make the cake photos even more stunning.

It also gives the wow for any evening guests attending.


Finally finish the night off with some sparkle. Not every venue allows fireworks but having a guard of honour from your guests holding sparklers really does add the extra sparkle to finish the night off.


Styling and stationery provided by Bunting and Willow Weddings.


Did you know? Me and Adelle at Bunting and Willow weddings are not only great friends but also have a studio together and hold consultations together. We offer flowers and styling all together on one quote. Two professionals one quote. It’s a win win.


We are based in Warwickshire but work all across the UK and love a destination wedding.


To find out more or arrange a consultation to discuss all things flowers and styling contact us here.



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